Monday, February 14, 2011

#24 Valentines Day

14 reasons why 30,000 hormone-charged BYU students love Valentines Day, and why you should too:

14.  It’s something to tweet—or blog—about.*

13.  Another excuse for the ladies-in-waiting on campus to have an estrogen-ly awesome GNO**.

12.  Turns out giving out Disney valentines is almost as fun as it was in the 4th grade.

11.  The Daily Universe can publish stories about something that doesn’t involve Jimmer, Devotional announcements/summaries, or stuff about BYUSA.  (Ok, yes, I  agree that the 14 day countdown with endless quotes from SAD supporters and date-stressors got a little old).

10.  For one day single BYU students feel no pressure to ask someone on a date—first dates on V-Day are just weird.***  Now, for the kids that are actually in a relationship, it’s a different story.

9.  Bookstore candy will be on sale tomorrow.

8. Your apartment will collect stale cupcakes, waxy chocolates, and disgusting chalk-candy hearts **** that will stay on the counter until they are replaced with Easter candy.

7.  Love Notes from ward stare prayer.

6.You get to listen to your roommate tell his or her story about THE ABSOLUTE WORST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!  Here’s a spoiler: it involves weeks of meticulous planning, being stood up, and a discovery of cheating (but act surprised when you hear it).

5.  NCMO—never fails.

4. An excuse for boys from Belmont to play “Time-Out” or “Penalty Box.” *****  

3.  Valentines FHE is so easy to plan.  Pink Treats + Prayer.  Done.

2. Great day to propose—in front of the Temple—with two-dozen roses.******

1.  It’s a day to remember that despite all of the things mentioned above you really LOVE going to school at BYU.

Happy Lovin’!

* Guilty, as charged.
** Girl's Night Out
*** Unless you are in an apartment that decides to plan a marathon group date--and forces your participation.
**** Collected from various activities, home teachers, creepy (but cheap) admirers, etc.
***** Ask someone else to explain this one to you, because it creeps me out, but it happens.
****** No, it is NOT cliche.


Erin said...

ok. imma need someone to explain #4 to me.

Dana Bradshaw said...

love this blog. love it because it's valentines. and i'm all about love on valentines. I was loving it before anyone else.

Dana Bradshaw said...

oh yeah, i need that explained to me too. last time I was at belmont.. three years ago... creepy dudes were hanging out in the spa without bubbles. LOTS OF THEM. all men. dude stew. minus the bubbles. very weird.

Liese said...

#3 happened tonight

Russell, a.k.a. "The Historian" said...

I once moved into an apartment where the previous tenant kept a store of all his love/friendship/nice notes from #7 Ward Stare, (aka Grab a Cookie, Take a Lookie) behind his dresser.

It was funny, yet pathetic reading material.

Jana said...

I don't understand #4 or #5. I bought a huge back of 50% off candy at the bookstore, it was awesome. And I got a puppy valentine with a puppy tattoo, and it is on my hand right now.