Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#23 Jimmer Fredette

This photo was taken by George Frey.  Used without permission. 
Because he's a machine.

Oh what?  You don't know who he is?  Have you been living under a rock?  You need to be brought up to speed.

Even though you know nothing about him, you can call him by his first name.  You are tight like that.  All of BYU feels like they are best friends with this guy.  He isn't Fredette like a typical athlete would be called—he’s Jimmer, and you guys go waaaaay back.  Go ahead, add him on facebook, I'm sure he wants to catch up.

BYU kids loves Jimmer because he gives them hope that maybe, just maybe, BYU will make a dent in the NCAA tournament.  Never mind that BYU NEVER makes it anywhere in March, our man Jimmer is going to change all that.  

After a yawn of a 2010 football season (New Mexico Bowl? Puh-lease.) BYU students are anxious to get behind a team that is actually going somewhere.  They finally have a reason to do all sorts of crazy things: camp in the snow to get tickets to a game, bring signs proposing to heartthrob Jimmer, admit to their non-LDS friends that they go to BYU, and rush the court at the end of games.  BYU has the inspiration they’ve been missing.

So when you see him across campus, don’t be shy, shout his name and start talking about that one time he scored that point.  I promise, you can call him Jimmer, he’s your bud.


Jana said...

Jimmer was my best friend first.
Note #6

Meghan Smith said...

I call him James.

Haleigh and Gavin said...

Jenny I just read a bunch of your posts and they are HILARIOUS! You have such a fun style of writing - I can almost heard your voice out loud. Keep posting! I hope you're doing well! xo Haleigh

Brad Smith said...

I'm not afraid to admit my man-crush. He gives long time basketball fans something to really cheer for - with a wicked cross-over.

Kyle said...

Is this why you asked me to wear that basketball jersey the other night?

The Yellow Dart said...
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The Yellow Dart said...
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