Saturday, September 5, 2009

#7 Texting in Church

While BYU kids are abstaining from sex, drugs, and alcohol they are texting. Like every other member in this technology generation they are glued to their phone. This doesn’t stop when they go to learn why they are abstaining from the above-mentioned activities. If you are an outsider this post is to inform you that it is perfectly acceptable to text in church, but not acceptable to have members of the opposite gender in your apartment at 12:05.

BYU people love texting in church for the following reasons:

• Instead of actually sitting by each other, BYU students can text each other cute comments and get their flirt on. It is up for debate whether clicking nails on keypads are more distracting than two individuals giggling and touching during the meeting. Discuss.

• It is sometimes just too much to sit through a 20 minute talk.

• You can post to Twitter “Church is so true!” even if you haven’t listened to a word that has been said.

• Every minute can be good news minute, and gossip now comes in electronic form.
“If I were giving a talk -- no way I would do my hair like that. :S”
“Ummm, I thought the musical number was supposed to sound like music.”
“R they holding hands? R they dating? When did that happen?”
“Was he really supposed to just take the sacrament?”

• Extended testimonies over the pulpit can now be discussed while they are happening instead of in the foyer or at dinner group afterwards.

T9 Away!


Helen said...

Hahaha so funny. Glad to see more posts!

The Yellow Dart said...

my text to JP in church:
u r hott! wanna play games after ward stare? ;)

Evan and Amber said...

My bishop sent me a text once during Sunday school!