Tuesday, August 19, 2008

#1 Nalgene® Bottles

This is a growing trend on all college campuses, and unfortunately, BYU is not sitting it out. On every backpack you see dangling from a fake carabineer or other specifically designed hooking apparatus, a large, colorful, bulletproof water bottle. The bottle is heavy enough by itself, and filled with water they often make the small pre-mission boy tilt to one side as he tries to make conversation with the girl in the L&T line. Sometimes if you are fortunate enough you witness him struggle to unhook the bottle, and take a large swig in front of her, showing just how awesome he is. Obviously, anyone who has a Nalgene® bottle is serious about getting the right amount of H2O, not to mention saving the environment (because the world is heating up one disposable bottle of water at a time). No doubt the two eat their spinach salads together after that.

What makes these bottles more interesting is the slew of stickers often slathered sideways sloppily across them (unnecessary alliteration intended). It’s always so surprising when the high heeled brunette from LA pulls out her bottle from her Juicy Couture bag with Black Diamond, Marmot, and North Face stickers placed strategically on its surface. When asked about the labels, she replies, “I’m really outdoorsy.” The young man next to her grins as he pulls out the same bottle with significantly more labels, placed a little more haphazardly, and points out his Black Diamond Sticker. Obviously from separate worlds, the two find true love over a corporate brand.

And so it is clear, that like everything else on BYU campus, Nalgene® can lead to finding an eternal companion.

If you find yourself on BYU campus lost and lonely, run to the bookstore and pick up a bottle (the larger the better—and you can’t go wrong with bright yellow), head East to Outdoors Unlimited to pick up a free sticker or two, and just sit in the Terrace. You won’t be alone for long.

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Nick Bangerter said...

You should be a sociologist, I think you break new ground.